Adult Faith Formation

Sunday Morning Opportunities

Sunday morning Adult Faith Formation
† This fall, the Sunday morning Adult Faith Formation study meets at 9:15 a.m. in Fellowship Hall. We will explore the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation. Classes will meet weekly. Tom McEwen, Pastor Ron, and Kim Williams will provide leadership. There will even be “on location” spots with Pastor Vera in Germany. Here’s a look at our topics for September:

September 10 – “Theology Before Luther”: How had Christianity developed in Europe during the Middle Ages? What was the church like in Luther’s day?

September 17 – “Germany Before Luther”: We’ll take a look at the political and culture context of the Reformation, and we’ll be introduced to the Holy Roman Empire and what was happening in German and Europe as the Reformation began. This will help us understand why the Reformation was both a religious and a cultural game-changer.

September 24 – “Luther’s Story”: ELC members will have a chance to view the movie “Luther” with Lunch Bunch on September 21. On this Sunday, we’ll discuss the film, and recap Luther’s story for those who did not have a chance to see the movie.

Parents Sunday School meets in Memorial Hall downstairs lead by Terry and Jim Ritter. All parents wish to be the best parent they possibly can be for their children. Come explore and share what it means to raise your children in a Christian home and to share your faith with them.

Mid-Week Opportunities

Java and Jesus
Java & Jesus, Women’s Bible study, meets Thursday mornings at 9:30am in Fellowship Hall. Let us know if you need child care. It is a great group of committed women from young moms to older women. It is a wonderful time of fellowship, prayer (and boy, can these women pray), support and learning together.

This fall we will study, “Questions God Asks Us”. We often look to the Bible as the book of answers. How often, though, do we consider the challenging questions God asks? Many time transformation comes from questions, not answers. This fall we will look together at the questions God asks in the Old and New Testament. This is sure to be a good discussion study as we enter into the ongoing conversation with God through scripture. Come and join us. If you need child care please call Kim in the office and wewill make the necessary arrangements. . Come and join us and bring a friend. If you haven’t been able to come yet, just jump in when you can. We will always have a seat for you and a cup of coffee too.

Lunch Bunch
We will meet Thursday, September 28 in Fellowship Hall at 12:00 p.m. to watch the movie “Luther” and enjoy a light lunch. Please call the office before Tuesday, September 12 if you plan to attend so we can order the lunches.

“Faith Matters: The Cross Road of Culture and Faith”
On Thursdays at 5:30 p.m. we gather in Fellowship Hall to discuss how our Christian Faith and today’s culture intersect. Come join us for a loving discussion of the things that weigh heavy on our hearts in this day and age. All Are Welcome.

The Mountain Men Bible Study
Throughout the Bible, God meets folks on top of a mountain. These “mountaintop experiences” transform them for the rest of their lives. Mountain Men is a gathering of men, led by Connell O’Brien, who explore the ways our faith shapes our lives while digging into the Word of God. We will return after our summer break on Wednesday, September 6 at 6:15 p.m. in the lower level Conference Room.