Discipleship Directions

Although we go in many directions,
Christ is the core of all our service…

Bright Places of Hope

Amidst some of the heaviness of our world and in our communities, I look for those bright places of hope, however small or bright. Those things and people that testify to the hope. A reminder that all is not darkness and gloom but that there is hope and joy because of God’s love for all of us. I saw this clearly the day our confirmation students gave their faith statements. They join us as people of faith who bear the light of hope to the world. Continue to support one another and nurture your faith so it can shine bright for all to see.

Blessed Are You Who Bear the Light
Blessed are you
who bear the light
in unbearable times,
who testify
to its endurance
amid the unendurable,
who bear witness
to its persistence
when everything seems
in shadow
and grief.

Blessed are you
in whom
the light lives,
in whom
the brightness blazes-
your heart
a chapel,
an alter where
in the deepest night
can be seen
the fire that
shines forth in you
in unaccountable faith
in stubborn hope
in the love that illumines
every broken thing
it finds.
– By Jan Richardson

With you in Ministry,
Kim Williams
Director of Adult Ministry


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