Be Present

As a church worker during the holidays, things can get pretty busy. Food drives, angel tree, Christmas Program gifts of thanks for our volunteers, worships on worships on worships, oh my! However, this year, I’m pledging to do something different this holiday season. I pledge to be PRESENT. It is so, so easy to let Advent just slip right past you.

Life gets busy. We need to prepare for company at our house, Christmas lists, grocery shopping, and more. I tend to get tunnel vision about busy stuff, so being present doesn’t come easily for me, especially in December.
So this year, being present for me means paying attention to life in the Church as we march closer to the manger. I’m going to pay attention to the hymns and songs that Peggy and the Worship Committee have chosen so faithfully. I’m going to pay attention to the message that is given by Pastor Vera and our 3-P participants and try my best to apply them to my daily life. I’m going to pay attention to the faces of the strangers that walk into our doors this holiday season—some of those folks might be looking for a new home.

What would happen if we were to all pay attention? What would happen if we all tried to be present? If we all lived into Advent? Food pantries would be overflowing. The strangers and guests that walk into this place would no longer be strangers. Those who utilize our Evergreen Shelter Program sites would have homes. The world would be turned upside down.

I encourage you to be present this season. Look for Jesus in the faces of every single person you meet. Strive to do justice in the world in his name. Be present here at ELC, not just for Christmas Eve, but for all of Advent and afterwards! Jesus is coming. Pay attention—or you might miss him.

Dan Bock
Children, Youth, & Family Minister

TED Grove Cafe 2016

Contact Dan
cell: 701-412-1695
church: 303-674-4654

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