Every day when I drive up from Denver to work at our fun, bustling Evergreen Lutheran Church home, I take North Turkey Creek Drive. And every day when I trek up North Turkey Creek Drive, I look at and take in the signs. The signs aren’t divine in nature (well maybe they are!) but are literal signs that someone has put up that contain Bible verses! They often change, but right now they read, “Greater Love Has No One Than This: To Lay One’s Life Down for One’s Friends.” I don’t know which homeowner takes the time to paint them, hang them, and maintain them, but I do know how thankful I am for them.

I’ve had a rough month, to be honest. I’ve had some personal struggles, some car troubles, and have felt just all-around low. That can happen at this time of year for youth directors—we’re simultaneously wrapping up School-Year programs and setting up Summer Programs. It’s busy. So, it’s in those rough months the signs mean the most to me. They focus me in. Refill my cup that sometimes seems to be running on fumes. They give me strength.

Imagine what the world would look like if we all made an effort to hang signs like that for passers-by. What kind of transformation could we achieve if every turn of the road was painted with God’s words of hope for humanity? I’d imagine that others who are having a rough morning or a rough week could see it and be filled with hope, grace, and maybe a moment of solace.

Even if you don’t paint signs to hang on bends in the road, you can still be a living, breathing sign to your brothers and sisters this summer. You can be Christ’s hands and feet to individuals and communities, who need him most. Spend your summer cultivating your sign-ness. Make sure to stay connected to ELC and to the many things we do to be signs in the world. Take it from me, you’ll bring immense peace and change to the world around you.

Dan Bock
Children, Youth, & Family Minister

TED Grove Cafe 2016

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cell: 701-412-1695
church: 303-674-4654

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