Looking for More Joy

In our Christian Education meeting this month, my board members and I discussed the process of finding Sunday School teachers. I don’t know why, but securing Sunday School teachers can be TOUGH.

Perhaps it’s because we have such a rich and full Sunday schedule that draws members to other things—which is a GREAT problem to have! In discussing teachers and the gifts we most look for when securing teachers, I settled on one word: Joy.

We don’t look for Sunday School teachers who have years of experience under their belts. We don’t look for Sunday School teachers that are “cool.” We look for Sunday School teachers who can bring joy into the classroom with them. Everything else is teachable, but joy for Christ and in Christ is something that is special.

I believe that joy is our motivation in all things. We are free to be disciples because of Jesus’ death and resurrection. Everything we do from that point on should be done in joy. Joy isn’t kindness, nor is it happiness. I’ve met plenty of joyful people who are struggling with unhappiness in the midst of challenging times, after all! Joy is deeper than those things. It’s comfort in the truth of Jesus’ amazing and profound gifts.

We’re seeking a few more joyful members of ELC who may be willing to serve as Sunday School teachers. If you’re in choir, we can work with your schedule! If you’re in Adult Sunday School and don’t want to give that up every week, we can work with that, too! No experience is required—the only prerequisite is that you carry joy with you and are willing to share that with a handful of young people who crave that joy, too! If this seems like something you might want to try—contact me!

Dan Bock
Children, Youth, & Family Minister

TED Grove Cafe 2016

Contact Dan
cell: 701-412-1695
church: 303-674-4654

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