One of the things I miss about the Midwest down here in Colorado is FIREWORKS. My Minnesotan summers would be filled with fireworks from two weeks before Independence Day through most of July. I’d spend more of my lawn mowing money than I care to admit on fireworks, and on the 4th itself, my friends and I would take our cache of explosives out to the lake for a day or two of dangerous (not THAT dangerous—we were boy scouts!) fun.

My favorite fireworks were reloadable mortar shells because they felt the most like PROFESSIONAL fireworks. To shoot a mortar, you’d have to load the firework into a long tube and then string the fuse out along the dock so you could light it safely. But the thing is, as awesome as reloadable mortars shells were, the wait could be long after lighting the fuse. Because after all—the fuse was often several feet longer than it should be! So you’d wait. sssssssssss …..BOOM!

It feels like we’re in that lit-fusewaiting-for-an-explosion period at ELC right now. We’ve got a lot of fuses lit.
Sunday School
Adult Education
A Leadership Retreat
Kingdom Kids
Guitar Lessons
Mountain Backpack Program
Bell Choir

The list goes on! We’ve lit fuses on all of these programs and are just waiting—patiently—for the fireworks show to begin. Make Evergreen Lutheran Church a part of your life this fall. As school
activities begin and as the busy-ness of life kicks into gear, as it always does around now, don’t forget to put ELC activities on your calendars and to make them a priority. God is at work in this place, and if you aren’t here, you just might miss the beautiful light that our fireworks will shine!

Dan Bock
Children, Youth, & Family Minister

TED Grove Cafe 2016

Contact Dan
cell: 701-412-1695
church: 303-674-4654

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