Sunday School Joy

As we move into November and into all the fun and busyness it contains, I want to share something that has brought me A LOT of joy this year—Sunday School. It seems like every single week this year has brought me joy in one way or another. From Sunday School Opening, our chaotic yet fun 15-minute large group session at the beginning of class, to my time with our Middle School Sunday School, this year has been a blast.

This Year, Our Kids Are Focusing on Our Lutheran Identity
At Sunday School Opening, we have been learning about what it means to be Lutheran. We’ve learned about who Martin Luther was and how standing up for what’s right changed his life and changed the world forever. We’ve played games, read books, and even wrote a song together. It has been incredible.

This Year, Our Middle Schoolers Are Diving Head-First into the Bible
At Middle School Sunday School, we have been learning Bible Literacy as we read through one of the most mysterious and challenging books: Revelation. Each week, I am blown away by the intelligence and passion of our kids. Reading Revelation is hard—they knew that when they chose it as our Bible Study book for the fall—but it’s full of hope, too. As we continue forward through this fall and winter,
I anticipate heavy and hard conversations, interrupted by laughter and goofiness. Middle School rocks.

This Year, Our Elementary Students Are Following the Lectionary
Recently, one of our Christian Education Board Members remarked that our Sunday School parents are happy about the way we’re doing Sunday School because their kids end up hearing the Bible Stories and passages 3 times every week. They hear the Lessons and Gospel at worship, hear them again and learn about them in Sunday School, and talk about them with their parents on the car ride home. Pairing Sunday School with our lectionary allows our kids to connect to the greater community at ELC by participating every step of the way.

This Year Is Only the Beginning
We are approaching November, but if you and yours haven’t been able to participate in Sunday School, have no fear. We are just getting started. In November, our Sunday School classes will be learning music for our Christmas Program which will happen in December. We will continue to learn, grow, play, and have fun together all along the way. You haven’t missed out yet, so come be a part of our community on Sunday Mornings at 9:15!
Dan Bock

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